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Today is Jun 6, 2020
Michelle Chua
Assistant Vice President
CEA Licence No.:
L3010744F / R027491J
Call (+65) 9693 8105
About Me
Dear friends, If you are in search of a real estate broker to sell, buy, or rent your property with, that person could be me! Change is inevitable. The economy, technology, how we do business, even how we communicate is changing. You can choose to benefit from it. Start by choosing the one who is creative, who embraces change. I commit myself to constant and never-ending improvement. And I believe in creating the marketing of your house into a positive experience by going the extra mile. I am passionate in pursuing this opportunity and there would be no doubt that my excellent sales skill and warm personality would be a real advantage in assisting you. I relish on opportunities to challenge your expected price and I am willing to work towards your ideal range with my strengths and diligence. I am a dynamic marketing professional with excellent interpersonal skill that you can be comfortable and at ease with. As detailed as my description can be, it cannot fully profile the manner in which how I am different from other candidates, and this can only be accomplished in a face-to-face discussion. Hence, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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